Do you want to make more money and provide better customer service?

Well, we have a system that you should consider taking a look at!  This is designed specifically for Distributors in the print and promotions product space, just like you.

There are 2 key benefits to our offering:

1. Make margin on your order shipments – someone is going to, might as well be you!

2. Manage all your 3rd Party shipments in ONE dashboard – allows you to provide better customer service!

Does any of this resonate with you??

  • Imagine a customer asking where their shipment is? Just go to your dashboard.
  • Imagine a time sensitive shipment is going to be late. You can tell your customer ahead of time. Go from zero to HERO!
  • Imagine making up to 30% margin on each of your 3rd Party shipments. That can add up in a hurry.

Click on the video below (or click on this link ) to see what the Shipping Haus solution can do for you:

Want to learn more?  Send a note to and let us know if you would like to learn more…or BOOK A DEMO if you want to get the full story.