I wanted to share some exciting information with you.  Depending on your perspective, with the Shipping Haus solution, you can:
A) learn what your shipping savings would be
B) learn what amount of money you can put to your bottom line.
Let me explain.
Whether you ship out of your facility, or primarily do drop shipments (3rd party), you can ultimately bill your customer the net amount of the cost of shipping, or do like many of our customers do–enjoy the low Shipping Haus rates, bill your customer the “Average Shipment Cost” and send the difference to the bottom line (or put it in your pocket!).
All you have to do is look at the number of shipments/orders you do on average per month, and you can easily see what your annual margins would be.  It is THAT easy to see the value.
Someone is going to make margin on the shipping, it might as well be YOU!
This is based on 2 boxes of tumblers (Dims = 22x15x9, weight = 19 lbs.) going from zip code 36606 to zip code 55378
In addition, our dashboard will:
1.  Show you the list price you need to charge your customer (save time)
2.  Track all your outbound, inbound, and drop shipments in one place (convenience)
3.  Give you the opportunity to provide excellent customer service since you can see at a glance if a shipment is going to be late (makes you a winner)
4.  If you do outbound shipments, you can Rate Shop against all carriers to find the best cost based on needed transit time (better business decisions)
If you are still not convinced, schedule a demo.   Also, feel free to ask us about the Covid special we are offering.  Let’s Make Ship Happen!