Our Logistics Services for Manufacturers

“We have lost revenue from 3rd party shipping continually over the years with nobody even knowing if our rates are better or worse than what they are getting charged. With Shipping Haus’s solution, we were able to run a report on our cost for that same shipment (with mark up) and send that to our customer for them to compare their rates. It is funny how a simple solution can actually generate revenue back that we once lost and the customer also gets the benefit. WIN-WIN!”
– Mike A, Printing Company

Ship Efficiently

From getting rates to processing, your shipment takes only seconds. Shipping Haus gives you the flexibility to either use all of your carrier accounts or use our carrier accounts to enhance the process. Our marketplace carrier rates are some of the best in the industry in optimizing your shipping efficiency. Our third party shipping solution will allow you to ship on your customer’s carrier account within the shipping dashboard. You will be able to add unlimited third party carrier accounts. You also have the ability to ship on your customer’s carrier accounts within the shipping dashboard.

Ship Anything

Whether it’s parcel, full-truckload (or LTL, International Air & Ocean, Rail, or Intermodal) Shipping Haus has all the solutions to help get your shipments out the door. By processing your shipments through Shipping Haus, we automatically communicate with the carriers to get your shipments dispatched.

Our Shipping Dashboard – Simplicity Is King

Shipping Haus enables you to be more productive and efficient than ever before. The shipping dashboard is designed to process shipments with speed and accuracy, while also allowing you to have control over all the steps in the shipping process. Within the shipment dashboard in Shipping Haus you can:

  • Select To/From Addresses

  • Specify freight class and other information

  • Add accessorial with ease

  • Rate shop or choose your carrier

  • Schedule your pick-up date & time

  • Confirm or save later

  • 3rd party shipping management

Batch Shipping

For manufacturers who ship hundreds or even thousands of shipments at a time, batch shipping is exactly what you need. Process large quantities of shipments in minutes, not hours. Save hundreds of working hours, all while Shipping Haus helps you determine the lowest cost shipping option and the shortest transit time.

Manufacturer Third Party Shipping

At Shipping Haus, we know that manufacturers need to manage the 3rd party shipping on behalf of its customers. Our solution allows you to attach your customer’s 3rd party account to their profile, which means you never have to think twice about managing the process. You can also have your customer receive an email notification once the shipment has gone out.

Most suppliers have lost revenue from 3rd party shipping. With Shipping Haus, suppliers now can recapture lost revenue. With our 3rd party solution, you will have the ability to run a report on your cost for that same shipment (with mark up) to your customer for them to compare your rates with theirs. We have seen upwards of 55% of the suppliers regain the shipping volume with our marketplace rate.