Get Control!!

What if you had a solution that allowed you to:

  1.  Make margin on the shipping (or pass the savings on to your customer)
  2.  For your LTL shipments (both outbound and 3rd party), you won’t have to wait and wait for the freight broker to get back to you with pricing…or having to figure out how to track it.
  3.  Have a Dashboard that allowed you to see ALL your shipments (including 3rd party & LTL) in one place

Let’s dig a little deeper on each of those points.


When you utilize our marketplace rates to ship your 3rd party shipments, YOU will make the margin that the supplier is putting on those shipments.  It is as easy as attaching the shipping label to the PO you send the supplier.  You know what your cost is.  Now, you can add in margin prior to invoicing your customer, or you can pass that savings on to your customer.  Some of our distributor partners pass on the savings because they are in a competitive situation and they have to win the business.  This includes any LTL shipments you may do.

Most of our distributor partners are adding margin and sending the margin to their bottom line.  It adds up to thousands and thousands of dollars.

Either way you want to do it, you WIN!

Do you feel you have great rates?  We can add your rates to the technology and by using the Rate Shopping feature, you can pick the best rate!  Could be yours, could be ours.

Again, either way, you WIN!


Imagine if you had a dashboard that shows you all the shipments you have in the system – where they are in transit, if they are going to be late, or if they were delivered.

Here are the benefits:

  • You don’t have to search for the tracking numbers the supplier sent you
  • If a shipment is going to be late, you can notify your customer.  Maybe it is for a tradeshow or sales meeting?  Think of how your customer would appreciate knowing this information!
  • Say you shipped a sample to a potential customer, you will be able to easily see when it is delivered so you can have proper and timely follow-up.
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