Shipping is a crucial part of running a successful distributor business. Shopping for the right carrier with the best rates and delivery schedules for your business is time-consuming and doesn’t always yield the best results.

We Have A Solution!

At Shipping Haus, we have taken the guesswork out of it for you. We have negotiated discounted rates with all the major carriers, saving you approximately 60% off list price. Our marketplace carrier rates are some of the best in the industry in optimizing your shipping economically. Here is an example of savings through Shipping Haus that you can expect:

Through our easy-to-use dashboard, getting rates to process your shipment takes only seconds. Shipping Haus also gives you the flexibility to either use all of your carrier accounts or use our carrier accounts to enhance the process. You have complete control! You can even pass your discounted rates to your third party suppliers.

Are You Ready To Put More Money in Your Pocket?

Learn how our solution can help you save on shipping costs while streamlining your entire shipping process. Join us on our free webinar where we demonstrate our system and show you how we can help you!


Whether you are shipping out of your warehouse or if your supplier is shipping on your behalf, we have specific solutions for your needs.

Hear What Our Satisfied Customers Are Saying

I am thankful that Shipping Haus called us! The savings have been amazing, but the process has been even better. Our shipping cost last year was $180,000. Our shipping spend this year was $111,000! Better process > better prices > better results = more money directly to our bottom line!!” – Tom B, Distributor

We used to go into 3 systems when shipping and now go in one. It is so efficient and with the marketplace rates for shipping, we have saved $160,000 on $400,000 annual shipping cost.” – Matt C, Distributor

This solution has been the best thing for our shipping department. We do 8 million in shipping a year and this solution will save us 20% in the shipping cost and 2 fewer people in that department” – Allan W, Large Distributor