What types of features make a Transit Management System a Top 10 award winning software, well based on peers in the industry, Shipping Haus’s partner has developed just such software!!

So, in what ways can Distributors and Suppliers benefit from this software?  How about enterprise features for any size business:

  • Rate Shopping – Find the best rates & transit times for every shipment across all carriers and all modes. Customers typically save 20-30% using Shipping Haus’s preferred Carrier rates.
  • Create Shipments – Order information automatically input from various storefronts and a wide variety of ERP/Backoffice systems. Generate all labels and BOLS from one system.ECi wins award – The Recycler - 22/06/2017
  • 3rd Party Shipping – Manage your 3rd party shipping from suppliers using the exclusive software program to get actual costs at the time of delivery, in-transit tracking to improve customer support & save additional money using standard business workflow.
  • Centralized Tracking – See all shipments (including 3rd party) & all carriers in one interface. Complete visibility into the transit process by providing a dashboard view including shipment tracking updates, segmented tracking data based on segmented tracking numbers and notifications for changes in shipment status.
  • Analytics – Reports available include spend by carrier, spend by type, the lowest quote, carrier rate comparison, shipment details, lane analysis, cost per unit, and other tracking information.
  • Invoice Auditing – Automated invoice auditing to get refunds on service issues. Most customers experience savings of up to 10%.  (Once carrier GSL’s return post COVID)
  • Return Process – Straightforward return process to email or send out return labels.

Shop, Ship, Track, Analyze, and Audit all your shipments through one easy-to-use cloud based TMS platform to lower costs and grow your bottom line

Shipping Haus’s primary goal is to provide “one-click logistics” through intuitive enterprise technology that simplifies freight and shipping processes, end-to-end. Its core value is the time they save companies in organizing shipments, which occur through a series of automations made possible by integrating company tech stacks and third party carriers/brokers.

Time savings translate into significant dollar savings in administrative costs and enhanced carrier rate shopping abilities. With transportation costing companies as much as 2.5-5% of sales, there is a huge margin of savings possible, which Shipping Haus helps companies target.

It has been an incredibly hectic and crazy year in the print and promo product world.  Shipping Haus is very happy to continue to see growth in helping shippers integrate systems and move freight and parcel smoother, faster and just as importantly, more cost effectively.