“We used to go into 3 systems when shipping and now go in one. It is so efficient and with the marketplace rates for shipping, we have saved $160,000 on $400,000 annual shipping cost.”
– Matt C, Distributor

“I am thankful that Shipping Haus called us! The savings have been amazing, but the process has been even better. Our shipping cost last year was $180,000. Our shipping spend this year was $111,000! Better process > better prices > better results!!”
– Tom B, Distributor

“This solution has been the best thing for our shipping department. We do 8 million in shipping a year and this solution will save us 20% in the shipping cost and 2 fewer people in that department.”
– Allan W, Large Distributor

“We didn’t have a great process before getting introduced to Shipping Haus’s solution. They understood what we needed and Implemented the solution into our Brightpearl accounting system in 3 weeks. We now can process more orders much faster and with a better workflow for closing the orders out.”
– Stephanie S, Supplier

“We have lost revenue from 3rd party shipping continually over the years with nobody even knowing if our rates are better or worse than what they are getting charged. With Shipping Haus’s solution, we were able to run a report on our cost for that same shipment (with mark up) and send that to our customer for them to compare their rates. It is funny how a simple solution can actually generate revenue back that we once lost and the customer also gets the benefit. WIN-WIN!”
– Mike A, Printing Company

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