Working with multiple Third Party Suppliers to distribute your products to your customers can be a real challenge. Often times you have no control over costs of shipping. Or you have to wait weeks to get the invoice from the carrier to invoice your customer.

We Have A Solution That Will Save You Time And Money!

Our shipping solution allows you to:

  • Add all of your 3rd party shipments into your shipping dashboard.
  • Use our market saving rates with your 3rd party suppliers.
  • Get your 3rd party shipment details from the carrier’s website once it has been picked up by the carrier.
  • Track all of your 3rd party shipments in real time.

Your dashboard will include all the details of each shipment (including tracking, number of boxes, weight, etc.), along with the list price for that shipment compared with your negotiated price that you will be charged from the carrier.

Are You Ready To Simplify Your Third Party Shipping Process?

Learn how our solution can help you save on shipping costs while streamlining your entire shipping process. Join us on our free webinar where we demonstrate our system and show you how we can help you!


Learn how our solution can help you save on shipping costs while streamlining your entire shipping process. Whether you are shipping out of your warehouse or if your supplier is shipping on your behalf, we have specific solutions for your needs.

Hear What Our Satisfied Customers Are Saying

We used to go into 3 systems when shipping and now go in one. It is so efficient and with the marketplace rates for shipping, we have saved $160,000 on $400,000 annual shipping cost.” – Matt C, Distributor

We have lost revenue from 3rd party shipping continually over the years with nobody even knowing if our rates are better or worse than what they are getting charged. With Shipping Haus’s solution, we were able to run a report on our cost for that same shipment (with mark up) and send that to our customer for them to compare their rates. It is funny how a simple solution can actually generate revenue back that we once lost and the customer also gets the benefit. WIN-WIN!” – Mike A, Printing Company