Shipping FAQs2021-06-10T20:15:53+00:00
How do I sign up?2021-03-19T20:14:34+00:00

Go to and you can sign up for a demo of the system or go straight to onboarding!

When will I be billed for the shipping technology and the shipping charges?2021-03-28T14:56:42+00:00

For the technology, you have 2 options:  monthly or annually.  Your choice.  For the shipping charges, you credit card will be charged on a weekly basis.

Can I ship to a PO Box?2021-03-19T16:46:20+00:00

Yes!  But, there are some limitations on the carriers.  When shipping to a PO box, you would just enter the address as normal. It is important to note that only USPS, FedEx Smart Post, and UPS Mail Innovations are the only carriers that are able to deliver to PO Boxes.

How do I change my credit card?2021-04-13T16:50:05+00:00

Please email and let us know you need to change your card on file, and we will help you.

How do I log into the shipping technology?2021-06-10T20:37:35+00:00
I forgot my password to the shipping technology, how do I change it?2021-03-28T14:54:35+00:00

Go to and in the upper right hand corner click login.  Then in the lower right corner, click on “Forgot Password”.  From there you will be asked to enter your FreightPop email, hit enter and you will get a “password reset” email in your inbox.

Can I buy insurance for my shipments?2021-10-28T18:44:30+00:00

Yes! This can be done inside of shipping technology when processing a shipment.  Go here to learn how.

How do I file a claim on a damaged shipment?2021-10-28T19:16:03+00:00
If a store has a claim, claims are to be filed at
     A) Reasons for the claim and pictures
     B) Valuation verification via a commercial invoice or bill of sale
Claim status is updated inside of FreightPOP.
Average claim resolution is 2 to 4 weeks.
How do I pre-pay my USPS?2021-03-19T16:45:22+00:00

You don’t have to! Like the express carrier charges, you will be billed on a weekly basis. Simplified!

What kind of printer do I need?2021-03-19T19:12:58+00:00

Zebra Printers are recommended. Set printers up by clicking your stores logo in the upper left hand corner.

How do I change my store address?2021-04-13T16:49:02+00:00

Please email and we will help you.

What does my invoice look like?2021-04-27T15:03:57+00:00

Your invoice will be itemized with your monthly technology investment (unless you paid annually) and an itemized listing of your shipments.

I am having troubles with my printer. Help!2021-06-23T16:32:36+00:00

CLICK HERE to get some printer troubleshooting tips.  It doesn’t have all the answers, but might have the answer you are looking for!

How do I process a shipment?2021-06-28T19:37:15+00:00

Please click on this link to download a PDF to show you how to process a shipment.  Or, you can click on THIS LINK and you can see a slide show of the process.

Can I require a signature for receipt of a shipment?2021-06-10T20:03:13+00:00

Yes!  The images below show you were to “check the box” in order to make this happen.

Just below shipment details, look for Accessorial Services and click Add.


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