Need to file a claim?  No worries.  Follow the instructions below and we’ll help take that bead of sweat off your forehead!

Before we start the process, let’s collect some info you will need to complete the process:

  1. Invoice copy between you and the Buyer
  2. Pictures of the Packaging (if claim is for damaged items)
  3. Pictures of the Damaged Items (if claim is for damaged items)
  4. If item is repairable, provide a repair estimate
  5. The buyer’s name and email address.  We will ask the buyer to submit a Buyer’s Statement confirming the details of the claim.

IMPORTANT NOTES to keep in mind:

  • Lost claims may only be submitted after the following waiting periods:
    • The waiting period for Domestic lost claims is 18 days after the Ship Date
    • The waiting period for International lost claims is 35 days after the Ship Date
  • Claims submitted more than 90 days after the Ship Date will be automatically declined
  • For Damage Claims, there is not a waiting period
  • Download the Summary of Coverage HERE before you get too far.

Start a Claim!

  1. Click on this link INSURANCE CLAIMS
  2. Enter the Tracking number and Ship Date for the package you are filing a claim on
  3. Select “Search Package”


4. Package Details: Once you arrive at the claim form, the related packages details specific to the  tracking number you entered are listed at the top of the page in the Package View section.

5. Merchant Account (Your Company Info).  Please enter the following information about your business:

  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Payment Email

You only need to complete this on your first claim.

6. Payment Email: Claim payments are delivered via eCheck to the email entered in the Payment  Email field. 

PRO TIP!!  Use the Shipping Address field to begin entering your address, and Google will  populate your complete mailing address. Once you see your address, select it, and our system will automatically complete the related fields.

Claim Details: This section allows you to indicate the specifics of your claim. Below are  definitions for each field: 

  • Buyer Email: Email address used to buy the product from you 
  • Claim Amount: The dollar amount you are claiming for reimbursement
  • Describe what happened: What happened to the package. Such as “Package arrived  smashed.” 
  • Insured Product: Describe the item(s) that you shipped (i.e., Getzen French Horn)
  • Reason: Select the type of claim you are submitting: 
    • Damaged – Item can be repaired: Select this option if the product can be repaired
    • Damaged – Item cannot be repaired: Select this option if no repair is possible
    • Lost: Select this option if the package never arrived
    • Missing Contents: Select this option if contents were missing upon delivery
    • Your Contact Information: Enter the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address of the person  entering the claim.

Hit Submit and the claim form is complete!  Easy Peasy!

Claims Email Confirmation & Updates: Upon completing the claim form, an email is sent including your  claim number and a link to your claim. If any documents are missing to complete the claim or if the  claim’s status is updated, a new email will arrive. 

Providing Supporting Documents: After the claim form is submitted, the page will refresh and list the  documents needed to resolve your claim. You can refer to the section at the top of this document, “Information Needed,” to view which documents are required for each claim type.

Drag and drop your  files or upload them in the “Add files to your Claim” area. Once uploaded, your files will be displayed on  your claim and remain there for future reference.  


Completed Claim: After you’ve added the documents necessary to complete your claim, you’re all set. If  you missed a document or forgot to provide it, we’ll send you an email reminder to ensure we can resolve your claim. 

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