Let’s Make Ship Happen!

Register for the demo so you can learn to Ship with Ease and Save Money!  Together, we can Make Ship Happen!

What are some of the benefits of this solution?  Well, consider these:

  • No more copy and pasting of customer information!

  • No more copy and pasting of tracking information!

  • Integration with Four51’s order platform – all your eComm transactions will be pre loaded – more efficiency!

  • Using the shipping platform’s marketplace rates will keep your shipping costs in line with the competition so you don’t lose the sale due to higher shipping costs and you won’t just break even on shipping, you can make it a revenue stream!

  • The technology will help select the best price & transit time – optimize your shipping!

  • Purchasing insurance from Shipping Haus’s partner will provide continued cost savings and efficiency with claims – piece of mind!

Shipping will go from being a pain, to being an easy process to get the product out the door to your customer.

Want to see how it all works?  Register below for one of the demos and Shipping Haus will show you why Winmark partnered with Shipping Haus to provide this solution.

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After you see the demo, you will be provided a link for you to proceed to the onboarding phase.  And, then, before you know it, you will be “Making Ship Happen!”