Why was Shipping Haus built?2022-06-14T22:16:19+00:00

Built by Shippers, For Shippers; with Shipping Haus, we were/are customer number one. We built a platform that we as a print/promo industry shipper would want to use. We’re carrying that mindset with us as we continue to innovate and improve the platform based on the need for these industries.

How long does it take to get set up on Shipping Haus?2022-06-14T22:17:11+00:00

The technology can be set up in a day or two.

What are the typical savings for a company?2022-06-14T22:19:12+00:00

Savings can range for many of our customers, but we have seen savings of up to 40%.  There is also a HUGE process improvement that saves hours a week!!

What is a shipping dashboard?2020-04-13T20:17:10+00:00

Shipping Haus enables you to be more productive and efficient than ever before. The shipping dashboard is designed to process shipments with speed and accuracy, while also allowing you to have control over all the steps in the shipping process. Within the shipment dashboard in Shipping Haus you can:

  • Select To/From Addresses
  • Specify freight class and other information
  • Add accessorial with ease
  • Rate shop or choose your carrier
  • Schedule your pick-up date & time
  • Confirm or save later
  • 3rd party shipping management
When you say DISTRIBUTOR 3rd party – what does that mean?2020-04-15T17:20:42+00:00

At Shipping Haus, we know having great shipping rates doesn’t mean you can use them when shipping a 3rd party through a supplier. We SOLVED that problem and added the ability to have all of your 3rd party shipments in your facility or directly to your customers be brought into your shipping dashboard. You no longer have to wait weeks to get the invoice from the carrier to invoice your customer.

Shipping Haus’s solution will electronically go and get your shipment details from the carrier’s website once it has been picked up by the carrier. The information that gets pushed into your dashboard will be all the details of that shipment (tracking, number of boxes, weight, etc.), along with the list price for that shipment compared with your negotiated price that you will be charged from the carrier.

When you say MANUFACTURER 3rd party – what does that mean?2020-04-15T17:20:26+00:00

At Shipping Haus, we know that manufacturers need to manage the 3rd party shipping on behalf of its customers. Our solution allows you to attach your customer’s 3rd party account to their profile, which means you never have to think twice about managing the process. You can also have your customer receive an email notification once the shipment has gone out.

Most suppliers have lost revenue from 3rd party shipping. With Shipping Haus, suppliers now can recapture lost revenue. With our 3rd party solution, you will have the ability to run a report on your cost for that same shipment (with mark up) to your customer for them to compare your rates with theirs. We have seen upwards of 55% of the suppliers regain the shipping volume with our marketplace rate.

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